Avoid those gallons of alcohol, it is not a competition!

Your mother takes home Sh6, 000 a month thanks to the goliath loans that she took so that you and your lazy siblings could have a semblance of meaningful education.

She’s still getting advances from her chama to get your pocket money even though you are a grown man who celebrated his 23rd birthday this year.

Of course your father decidedly withholds his money for “better use”, which basically means he is also a relentless drunkard who leaves his salary at the bar.

Instead of gaining the education that would propel you to greater heights, you are busy asking your peers, “Wasee form ni gani?” (Translation: Guys what is the plan to night?)

Unlike others who save their debauchery for weekends, you are busy downing shots every night of the week in the name of YOLO!

If it was an isolated incident, it would be one thing. But sadly, youth alcoholism is on the rise.

Let it not come to you as a surprise that alcohol dependence is a real deal because according to a past report by NACADA, abuse of alcohol and drugs is one of the most critical challenges facing the country today. The youth particularly, have reached unprecedented levels taking the larger 15% of the population that is said to be dependent on alcohol.

Why do youth spend their days in drinking dens? And spare us the redundant the ‘hakuna job’ narrative. Where would you get cash to pay the barman if you do not work? And is drinking the miraculous escape from being jobless?

Even if there were jobs available, which business owner would give you employment if you arrive at work reeking of cheap alcohol from the night before? How can one trust you with their millions if you waste your little money in dingy drinking dens?

Let’s be honest. Youth cannot claim that they drink because of joblessness. Fields lie fallow. ECD classrooms are without teachers. We are importing furniture from China for heaven’s sake!

Stop being lazy! Go back to class. Try something new. Learn a skill. Hone your craft. Do anything that will keep you from drinking your future away.

Yes, you are above the legal drinking age. And yes, your life is yours. But do you stop to consider the example you set for your juniors?

The over 200 minors  found drinking and smoking bhang in a bar in Downtown Nairobi in October seems to be just a tip of the iceberg as more cases continue to be reported including a much publicized incident in Eldoret.

When children as young as 12 are busted by police drinking and smoking, who is to blame? Is it not those who go before them? After all, children learn by example.

So maybe you don’t have a younger sibling. What about your future kids? How will you teach them to be responsible adults if you drink away your mother’s hard-earned cash?

Let’s face it. There is no excuse to live at the bottom of the bottle.  Yes, you only live once, but that is not license to live recklessly.

Grow up. Life is not only about wild nights fueled by endless shots of liquor.

At some point, you’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee. You have to make something out of yourself and those many thousands your mother borrowed in the name of your education.

Or you can just wait to die of liver complications, having broken the heart of your dear mother.

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